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The Jollyville Owl House requires a lot of equipment.  There are four miniature cameras feeding into a four-channel DVR box.  There is an external hard drive for additiional video data storage.  The DVR feeds into a video capture card in a computer.  And finally, the computer connects to YouTube for your viewing enjoyment.  There are wires that run from the nest box through a conduit buried in the yard specifically for the purpose and then through the house wall to the DVR and computer. 

We believe the multi-camera view you see on this stream is unmatched for both educational content and entertainment value.

It is also a significant expense.  Right now, Jolly would like to have another 2G external hard drive and a new computer to replace the old glitchy machine currently in use.  The cameras we have are HD, but the DVR we have doesn't have HD capabilities, so we aren't getting the best view we could have with an HD DVR

If you would like to contribute to the equipment fund for the owls, please click on the Donate button below.  You may donate any amount you wish and we will be very grateful.  

Credit cards and PayPal accepted.  Thank you for your interest in the Jollyville owls.

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  1. I am a published author, working on a book about screech owls. Please contact me...

    Jim Wright "Nature of the Meadowlands," "Jungle of the Maya" and "The Real James Bond." Thank you.