Jollyville Videos

Life in Jollyville is always interesting.

Olivia, Alton and their babies star in a variety of videos on YouTube at

Olivia and Alton clearly care for each other.  You can watch them cuddle together, preen each other and sing to each other.

Watch Olivia labor to lay her eggs, brood them and raise the babies. She is a very attentive and tender mother to her owlets.  She is quite the hunter too - see the video of her bringing four mice home one evening.  She flies in like a bullet clutching her prey in her talons.

See Alton bring home the food while she broods.  What a variety he brings!

The newborn owlets will really make you laugh with their antics.  It will amaze you how quickly they grow.  From hatch to fledge is only around 28 days.

We also have what I believe is the only video available online of a screech owl screeching.  Usually the screech owls trill and make soft, almost whinneying sounds.  But when they screech, wow!  You can find that one right here:

When you watch our livestream and see something interesting happen, please comment in chat about what you saw and what the clock time on the screen was.  We always appreciate those viewer tips!  We're usually on starting in the fall when Olivia returns from summer vacation, until late May when the last of the owlets fledge.  Bookmark this link and it will always take you directly to the stream when it is live: 

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